Southern Clams

The Littleneck Clam
(Austrovenus stutchburyi)

New Zealand littleneck clams, more traditionally known as the New Zealand cockle, tuaki or tuangi, have been exported to a dozen countries for over twenty years. These carefully managed wild stocks are harvested in the brilliantly clear unpolluted waters of our Southern Pacific Ocean, on the Otago coast. All harvesting, processing and packaging operations comply with the New Zealand government, USFDA and EU standards.

Nutrition (per 100 g);
Calories 46; Cholesterol 30 mg;
Protein 7.6 g; Iron 5 mg; Fat 0.9 g;
Sodium 716 mg; Omega 3 0.1 g;
Calcium 51 mg; haemoiron ?


Kept in a well-drained container, clams will remain fresh 12 days from harvest if kept chilled in a high humidity container at 2-4 degrees centigrade (36-39 degrees fahrenheit). They should not be held in fresh water or in contact with ice.

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